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Why Switch to Solar Energy?

Cost Efficient

At Green Earth Energy Photo Voltaic, our goal is to design, engineer, and install your solar system with the highest efficiency at the lowest cost.



Green Earth Energy builds every type of roof and ground mounted photovoltaic array. We accomplish the construction of these state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems at affordable prices.


If you could “go green” without spending any extra money, would you? What if your solar project actually created an income? Why wouldn’t you want one?



Get your power from the sun! Solar allows you to create and utilize electricity without relying solely on the utility’s grid.

Advancing a more sustainable economy

Green Earth Energy is creating a more sustainable economy through products and services that support green buildings, energy efficiency, high efficiency vehicles, and renewable energy. We do this through our retail and commercial products.  We are able to provide solutions for any type of business. 


Green Earth Energy proudly showcases examples of our commercial and residential solar arrays. Ranging from roof mounts, ground mounts, carports and solar pergolas, Green Earth Energy is capable of engineering and installing endless design possibilities for your solar needs.


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